My Newest Project

Both of my kids are in school full-time and my husband has made me keenly aware of his desire to have me working again. Because in his world, taking care of the kids, volunteering at the school, cleaning the house, doing all the laundry and dishes and cooking, not to mention pimping my bloggy review skills, isn’t actually a viable contribution.


But I’m not bitter.

So, in an attempt to make some extra cash while still being wholly available to my children should they be sick or have school holidays, I’ve started up a cake business. I haven’t actually advertised it to anyone other than a few close friends, but those aforementioned few close friends have kept me quite busy over the last few weeks!

Up first, a baby shower cake shaped like an owl. For this one, I used two 1L pyrex bowls to bake the cake and then inverted one on top of the other:

Next, a girly baby shower cake with polka dots and stripes:

And, because boxes make everything look more professional, here’s how it looked when I delivered it:

My take on the cupcake pop made popular by Bakerella:

This past weekend, I had three cakes due. First up was the girly baby shower cake above and second was a cake for my BFF’s daughter. The birthday girl turned 9 and loves everything Monster High:

And, for her to bring to school, 36 cupcake pops in blue:

The third cake was a Thanksgiving cake for my friend A. (Canadian Thanksgiving was yesterday, so happy belated to all of my Canuck peeps!) This cake is made from two 9 inch round pans and a boatload of fondant in various sizes and designs layered on top!

At the beginning of the week, when I was doing prepwork for the cakes, Lily was home sick. She desperately wanted to help me make the big bow and the leaves and pumpkins for the fall cake but…

  1. she was sick! and
  2. I’m being paid for these cakes, so professionalism and, er, cleanliness, is a must

… so she was stuck watching from the sidelines. To keep herself in the cake decorating loop, she drew out some designs for me so that I could have a visual of how each cake should look.

(I can’t find the picture she drew of the Monster High cake but I can say that it was very detailed – repeating argyle, skull and crossbones, big bow, the works!)

I’d like to think I stayed fairly true to the pictures she drew, so thanks for the help, Lily girl!

Finally, I made a dozen fall coloured cake pops to go along with the fall cake:

By the time Saturday night rolled around, I was tired! Two sips of my self-congratulatory Baileys-on-ice-with-chocolate-milk and I was half asleep. Still, it was worth it. Hopefully I can turn this whole cake thing into a steady part-time job because I’m not interested in retail. I just don’t think I can play nice in public for that long…

Wish me luck!


  1. Holy Moses! Your cakes are gorgeous! Wishing you much success with your business. Can I suggest you to people I know? :)
    Melissa´s last [type] ..Colorado Fall


    Trina Reply:

    Thanks Melissa and sure! I’ll email you the site address as I don’t want to broadcast my location on this blog. :)


  2. I am impressed!! And now I like you even more. Because you make CAKE. I like cake. And pie. Do you do pies, too? Hmmmm??

    They’re really awesome, Trina. Good luck on the side job!
    tracey – justanothermommy´s last [type] ..It takes thick skin to be a parent to a pre-teen…


    Trina Reply:

    Thanks Tracey! Hopefully I can make a go of it. We’ll see!


  3. AMAZING Cakes! I’m so happy for you!

    Chica advertise slowly…you must get the word out for these great cakes!
    Patty at A Day in My NYC´s last [type] ..Friends You Love Blog Hop


    Trina Reply:

    Thanks Patty! Up next, a FB page. :)


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